What We Offer – Automotive Lift Inspections

We perform Automotive Lift Inspections for all makes and models of lifts. Inspections are performed by ALI Certified Inspectors. Our Inspectors are highly qualified, experienced professionals, with previous expertise in the service and installation of automotive lifts. We are committed to continuously furthering our product knowledge, training, and education. We continually strive to find new and innovative ways to better serve our customers.


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Automotive Lift Inspections Services

Safety Audits

Our Lift Inspections team documents all issues that need to be corrected or issues that have been overlooked. All inspections performed meet ANSI/ALI/ALOIM compliance standards. All documentation of our lift inspections can be presented to OSHA, if you are audited.


We can also provide a safety policy for your location, after lift inspections. Our safety policies can be used to prevent accident and injury, as well as allow operators to log information. These policies are in place for your operator to read and learn before use of the automotive lift equipment.

Inspections Training

Not only do we provide policies and documents, we also offer on-site training to your operators. This training will guarantee that all of your operators will have knowledge of the correct guidelines, procedures, and safety for all of the automotive lifts.  All of this training will minimize the risk of accidents causing harm.

If you are looking for the most reliable inspection company, you have come to the right place. Our team has years of experience, attention to detail, and dedication.  Please reach out with any questions that you may have


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ANNUAL LIFT INSPECTION: Your Operator’s Safety Is Our Priority

It can be time consuming finding the perfect shop to complete your lift inspections. There has been a dire need for more inspectors, for automotive lifts, who are certified in the proper safety procedures. Within the United States and Canada, automotive lifts should be annually inspected. Without these inspections, you could be find a large penalty and possibly harm your business. Lift Inspection Services makes safety our prime concern, to protect not only your employees but your customers too!


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Why Choose Lift Inspection Services?

Our team has years of experience, and multiple certification. Our certifications allows us to thoroughly inspect any lifts and provide our findings. You are in good hands with Lift Inspection Services. We want to do whatever we can to make sure your facility is safe for your customers and employees, no matter if you are a large corporation or a mom and pop shop. Our team can also draft layout for your shop to create a safe and convenient facility to work in.

All of our inspectors have been tested and certified by the Automotive Lift Institute to be able to test any type of automotive lift. Our certifications cover electrical, hydraulic, mechanical, pneumatic principles, and basic design. Our team follows industry standard processes and documentation on our to ensure our clients that all get consistent inspections. All of our lifts that go through inspections can receive a serialized ALI Certification Lift Inspection Program label to provide instant proof of the last time your lift was inspected.


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Warning Labels and Placards

“Lifting it Right” Safety Manuals

ALI Safety Tips Cards

ALI Automotive Lift Safety DVD Kits

Current Vehicle Lifting Points Quick Reference Guides

Current Additions of ANSI/ALI ALCTV, ALIS, and ALOIM Standards

Operator Training and Planned Maintenance Deliverables

Lift Operator Training Packs

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Why Choose Lift Inspection Services?

Whether you need your automotive lifts inspected or you need help with safety guidelines, we have you covered. When our inspectors come to your facility, our team members work quickly and efficiently to be able to keep your facility running smoothly. Not only do we have your annual inspection covered, we will also stay in contact to be sure we have met your full satisfaction for all of your automotive lifts.


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