Ernesto Andaverde and Omar Cantu of Lift Inspection Services Earn Lift Inspector Certifications

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Ernesto Andaverde and Omar Cantu of Lift Inspection Services Earn Lift Inspector Certifications Lift Inspection Services Offers Industry Standard Lift Inspections

Rio Grande Valley, Texas (11/17/2017) – Ernesto Andaverde and Omar Cantu of Lift Inspection Services, recently earned certification through the Automotive Lift Institute (ALI) Lift Inspector Certification Program. As ALI Certified Lift Inspectors, Cantu and Andaverde have been tested and proven qualified by ALI to inspect any installed vehicle service lift. As a result, Lift Inspection Services now offers Lift Inspections, performed by an Inspector, Certified by ALI, in accordance with national standards to all area businesses that use vehicle lifts, including car and truck dealers, independent repair shops and municipal garages.

Cantu and Andaverde spent 3 months working toward certification. They have a combined 25yrs experience in the Automotive Lift Industry, servicing and installing lifts and automotive equipment

“We are very proud of Ernesto and Omar for achieving ALI Certification,” says Aaron Bennett, CEO, Lift Inspection Services. “Offering Lift Inspections, performed by an Inspector, Certified by ALI, is critical to how we can better serve our customers. Cantu and Andaverde will follow ALI standardized procedures to ensure that every lift is inspected thoroughly to determine if it is performing properly.”

Only ALI Certified Lift Inspectors are authorized to apply a dated ALI Annual Lift Inspection Label to each lift that passes inspection. These labels make it clear at a glance that the lift has passed inspection that year.

ALI developed its Lift Inspector Certification Program in response to growing demand from lift customers, as well as increasing interest in proper lift certification, installation and inspection from governmental health and safety organizations. Although annual lift inspections are required by ANSI/ALI ALOIM-2008, the national standard covering vehicle lift operation, inspection and maintenance, when ALI launched its program in 2012, it was the first national vehicle lift certification program in North America.

“Without a national certification program in place, vehicle lift inspection companies have been unable to provide customers with independent validation that their inspectors are qualified,” explains R.W. “Bob” O’Gorman, ALI president. “The ALI Lift Inspector Certification Program provides third-party assurance that the Certified Lift Inspector has been tested and proven competent to thoroughly inspect any installed vehicle lift and report on its suitability for continued use and/or the need for maintenance or repair.”
ALI Certified Lift Inspectors must have a minimum of 12 months lift inspection experience to apply to the program. To achieve certification, they must pass two exams and documented practical experience.

For more information about Lift Inspection Services, check them out at or give them a call at 800.391.6361. For more information about the ALI Lift Inspector Certification Program, visit

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