Automotive Lift Inspections Services

Each year every lift in the United States and Canada should be inspected annually. If they are not you could be penalized from OSHA or other groups. Not only would this be a large penalty, but it could harm for your business. Safety should always be your company’s number 1 concern. At Lift Inspection Services, safety is our number 1 priority. Not only for your employees, but customers as well.

There has been an increased amount of shops looking for automotive lift inspectors. Finding a qualified inspector who is certified and knows the proper safety procedures can be daunting, that is why we are here to help. The certification program that we have completed ensures that we have the capability of thoroughly inspect any automotive lift and report findings. This may include maintenance and repairs that are needed on the lifts. In the process we show extreme professionalism and attentiveness.

Vehicle Lifts Include:

  • 2 Post Automotive Lifts
  • 4-Post Automotive Lifts
  • Mid-Rise Car Lifts
  • Motorcycle / ATV Lifts
  • Vehicle Rotisserie Lifts

Safety Audits

We keep everything documenting to identify any actions that need to be corrected and or gaps that may be overlooked. Our safety documentation is used to help with avoiding any injuries and providing the safest work environment for our customers. The evaluation that we perform is in compliance with ANSI/ALI/ALOIM standards. We provide our clients with documentation to provide OSHA with if audited and also a peace of mind that their lifts are up to standards.


It is vital to have a safety policy in tact if you have an automotive lift in your location. This is the best way to prevent any accident and or injuries in your shop. We can implement a safety policy that allows your operators to log information and learn all of the safety policies before your operator uses any of the equipment.

Automotive Lift Inspection Training

At Lift Inspection Services, we provide on-site training to operators to ensure they know the guidelines, proper procedures and safety goals for all types of lifts. This will reduce the risk of accidents and anyone being harmed in the process.

Our goal is to improve safety through continued training, consulting and auditing in the automotive lift industry. Each year every lift in the United States and Canada, should be inspected annually.

Why Choose Our Automotive Lift Inspections Service

We are one of the most prominent automotive lift companies around. Our inspectors have decades of experience and certifications that ensures you are in good hands. Whether you are a small mom and pop shop, dealership or have multiple locations of service stations, we will make sure your facility is safe for all your employees and customers. We can also assist with the design of the shop and equipment to make your facility safer and more convenient to work in for all.

What we check at our Automotive Lift Inspections Company

During the inspection, our certified inspection will ensure all of the lift’s components are in working order. And that your lift is safe for all!

  • Examine all structural components
  • Check electrical part and wiring
  • Check lift controls to ensure they are accessible
  • Make sure there is no obstructed view
  • Ensure all lift documentation such as safety manuals, instructions and labeling are obtainable
  • Confirm adequate clearences
  • Check all fastening devices
  • Check lift speeds
  • Operate the lift through full cycle to ensure safety
  • Check all lubrication points
  • Inspect all chains and cables
  • Thorough evaluation of the entire automotive lift
  • And More

Contact our Automotive Lift Inspections Company

If you are in need of a reliable lift inspection company, look no further than Lift Inspection Services. We have the experience, dedication and attention to detail to ensure you lifts are safe and ready to use. Feel free to contact us for any questions.