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ALI Certified Lift Inspections

Your Operator’s Safety is our Priority

What we do!

We perform THIRD PARTY, ALI Certified Automotive Lift Inspections for ALL makes and models of lifts. Inspections are performed by ALI Certified Inspectors. ALI Certified Inspectors are highly qualified, experienced professionals, with previous expertise in the service and installation of automotive lifts.

Your Operator’s Safety Comes First

Annual vehicle lift inspections are required by health and safety officials, ANSI standards, and local regulations. You can trust us to properly inspect every lift in your facility.




Competitive Pricing

Wheels Free Devices – $49.95

Light Duty Surface Lifts – $79.95

 Light Duty Inground Lifts – $89.95

Heavy Duty Surface Lifts – $99.95

Heavy Duty Inground Lifts – $109.95